Home brews
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For a couple of years, Lynne and I were into making homebrew beer. Lynne, being the methodical type, was chief brewer. I was lacky and artist, making these labels for each batch we brewed.

Lynne's Desire (Steinlager)
21 June 1998
A strong hops taste but with a clear, crisp finish, quite nice.
Manny's Special Brew
July 1998
Dad borrowed the kit. Made a nice, crisp lager with a good head.
Bol-X Bitter
23 August 1998
A big Yorkshire bitter, but not as tasty as it should have been.
Bol-X Blue Mountain Lager
20 October 1998
Oooh, nice drop, very refreshing. Didn't last long.

Beamish Pilsner
3 November 1998
Great pilsner with very good depth of taste. Lots's of fizz caused one of the bottles to explode.
Bol-X Wheat Beer
29 March 1999
Far too gassy to enjoy it properly. However, tasted good
Bol-X Amber Ale
19 April 1999
Probably the worst beer I made. Very flat, sweet and no head. I've tried other amber ales and they just don't appeal to me very much.
Bol-X Export Pilsner
22 January 2000
A bit flat and disappointing early. Got much better with age.

Bol-X Continental Lager
23 July 2000
Took a while before it drank well. Good depth for a lager, nice head, nice finish.
Morris Blue Imperial
1997 Vintage
Nice, young and light table wine for immediate drinking.
Morris Blue Imperial
1998 Vintage
Liked the previous vintage so much we decided to do it again.